3 Amazing Golf Tips to Improve Your Leadership

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Recently my Executive Director/Founder, Caitlin Franco, and I enjoyed an afternoon of Golf. The afternoon was filled with clear skies, many missed swings, terrified birds flying out of the way, and several good laughs. We obviously weren't at the PRO level but in our minds you couldn't tell us any different! I soon discovered 3 leadership lessons to take back to the office that will benefit anyone!

Lesson #1 Focus, Focus, Focus!

To make a great swing and have the ball land where you want it to be, you're going to have to stay focused. It's not just about swinging at the ball and hoping for the best. That strategy will lead your ball right into the weeds! It is about making sure you have the correct posture, grip on the club, confidence, and a swing that completely follows through. It is LESS about having an $800 set of Nike golf clubs.

At the office: Sometimes you won't always have the perfect set of tools, team members, or environment for success. LIFE IS NOT PERFECT! However, you must use what you have, wherever you are. True leadership is about being able to inspire and focus teams to prepare to meet their goals. Focus your tools, team, resources and state of mind on the target, then make your swing. 


Lesson #2 Stay Committed!

Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.
— Darren Hardy

Do you know how many times we missed the ball and wanted to angrily launch our clubs into the grass? I had to remember to keep my cool! I realized that I won't get better if I allow my frustrated emotions to affect my technique. So what did I do? I came out to the range and practiced in weather that ranged from a 90 degree sauna to the frigid air (earmuffs included). Nothing could stop me!

At the office: If you expect to get better at anything, you must stay committed to the task, regardless of good or bad times. Darren Hardy, Author and former publisher of Success Magazine, said it best in his quote

Lesson #3 Have Fun by Celebrating Successes

Although Caitlin and I took our game seriously, we remembered that we weren't going to challenge Tiger Woods anytime soon (maybe next year Tiger!). We remembered to laugh and to celebrate our success.

At the office: When was the last time you celebrated successes with your team? Success doesn't always mean reaching the finish line every time, it can mean reaching small milestones along the way. Consistently celebrate achievements to show your teammates that you value their hard work. Keep them motivated as they are partners in your shared success!

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