3 reasons to be BOLD and COURAGEOUS with your passion!

 🕑 Avg. Reading Time: 3-5 mins

🕑 Avg. Reading Time: 3-5 mins

Quick Takeaways:

  • "We are all volunteers in our workplace"

  • "Employees who are passionate perform better"

  • "Seek new opportunities to rediscover your passion"

Recently my colleague and I gathered our Equality Charter School employees into a professional development session, filled with energetic music, delicious chocolate candy, paper, scissors, and markers. We simply asked them to cut their paper into any shape they desired and write their answer to the question(s) below:

"What originally inspired you to work here? Why choose our school, which serves over 450 students in The Bronx, New York, who have various academic and behavioral challenges?"

The Outcome:

 The boards were placed on display for staff!

The boards were placed on display for staff!

We used these shapes to create "Passion Boards" to post in our staff lounges. While reading them aloud, we realized that each of us shared a deep commitment to positively impact the lives of those we served.

We also realized that, at times, we easily lose sight of these passions as we sift through the daily obstacles at work. It's essential to remember that whether you're in a fortune 500 company, manage a staff of 0-350+, nonprofit or for-profit sector, each of us must find opportunities to wear our passions on our sleeves.

Here's 3 short reasons why...


Reason 1: We are all "volunteers"


Nobody has forced you to work where you are nor did it happen by accident; you made the choice. In essence, we all are volunteering our time to be where we are. Make that time count and spend each moment acting from your passion. Sure it can be difficult to remember our passion after a tough meeting, hearing gossip about ourselves, coming short of a goal, or plainly feeling burnt out! Just remember why you chose to be where you are. Make it count.

Reason 2: Passionate employees perform better

Simply put, if you feel good about your work, you will perform better. Can you remember a time when you were asked to work on a project you really liked? You felt almost unstoppable as you poured your heart into your work. Employees who feel passionate about their work, go the extra mile in customer service, add effort on a project, become more creative, or even add value by supporting a coworker in need. Feel your best to be your best and when you can't, make others feel good (it comes full circle).

Reason 3: Seek new opportunities to rediscover your passion!

I get that it's almost impossible to lead professional developments like ours every day or week, however, you can regularly seek opportunities to reengage your passions. It will keep you motivated and dedicated to your workspace.

After all, just as Zig Ziglar once said "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily." ;-)

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