Your Heart = Your Compass

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
— Nelson Mandela

Early Choices

Applying to college was tough! Sure there were challenging questions like "Which college is the best one?", "What will my new friends be like?", "How am I going to pay back these crazy loans?", and even the big one..."What major will I choose that will determine the REST OF MY LIFE?!" (I still cringe just thinking about that one).

Looking back, I have to say that out of all the questions, the most important ones are those that reoccur as themes in my life,  "How can I make a lasting impact in the world? Does what I do here, on Earth, matter?"

There's no college degree or course that will give you an answer that is right for YOU. It's actually found right there, on the left side of your chest; your heart.

Your Heart = Career GPS

I'm fortunate to have chosen a career that impacts the life of others. Although my chosen degree is in Health Services Administration, I've chosen the education field and have been just as fulfilled.

Each day I get to "tap dance to work" (in the words of Warren Buffett) and create adult education programs to serve the urban communities; the same ones I grew up in. Seeing parents and adult community members learn skills on parenting, achieving their first high school diploma, or take a nutrition education class to make healthy smoothies at home, is a first hand experience at impactful work. 

What's even more fun is that between the program seasons I get to involve the community with Career Day or events such as Community Movie Night and Family Carnival Day where over 300 community members come out to a positive neighborhood experience, just next door!

What inspires me to keep going are those candid moments where you see authentic joy on family faces, just like in the cover picture. 

"Every drop in the Ocean Counts"

Sure it's tough planning events or finding time to get involved, I can't deny that. However, we become fulfilled by fulfilling others; what goes around comes around.

Whether during your 9-5, weekends, hobbies, or philanthropic work, when was the last time you let your heart guide you towards fulfilling work?

The question isn't rhetorical at all. Each of us has something special to give the world. Share about your service to others OR how you plan to get involved in the near future. I'm excited to read your responses.

PS. If you don't have one, inbox me and I can find a way to get you involved with one of our events!

- Errol