News Article: Inner-city Workforce Development Programs

 Originally published January 23, 2017

Originally published January 23, 2017

I'm proud to kick off 2017 with the launch of our new Career Education programs for all Bronx residents! This week our Adult Education programs were highlighted in the Co-op City Times newspaper. See below for some of the highlights!

Equality's Adult Programming is featured in this week's "Co-op City Times Newspaper". In the newspaper article, Errol Olton, Founding Director of the program model discussed the launch of the new Career Education programming as part of the Adult Programming model.  

Article highlights include:

  • High School Diploma - Errol Olton details the new satellite partnership with Bronx Community College, to benefit North Bronx residents with access to a free High School Diploma program

  • Financial Literacy program - Supporting families with basics in financial education and strategies to manage their household budgets

  • Teacher certification prep classes (ALST, EAS, and Classroom management) - Better educating and preparing our Teachers indirectly benefits the Bronx children they teach each day

  • Computer Skills - Teaching community residents basic ways to use computers so that they can navigate the technology world

  • Family & Wellness Education Programs - Various programs designed to support parents with promoting healthier lifestyles and positive parenting strategies

View an online copy of the newspaper, click here

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